This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkcraft Tekkit age has passed, Time for somethin


The tekkcraft Tekkit age has passed. the Tekkcraft nations have fallen into ruin and the surviving players have turned back to war. Fighting for power over each other The players have taken on the dark arts of magic, and explored the darker areas of science.

Now they need you!

The survivers of the Tekkit age are scarce in numbers, they need fresh meat, new players to take on the challenge of power!

Will you help in the fight for doinance? or take the task by yourself and raise an army of NPC's and Players!

===========now for the less interesting part===========

Tekkcraft B-team i the newest running Tekkcraft server, having run ofer 20 different servers Tekkcraft still maintain their No banned items! standard.


Griefing is allowed (Safezones and warzones are off limits)
PVP is allowed!
Armies of minions is allowed! :D

and you are allowed to have fun!

you are not allowed to be racist, sexist or sectarian

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