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Survival,Economy,Pvp,Pve,Custom Ranks,24/7 Dedicat


SFT B-Team is a professionally hosted server with helpful friendly staff who is always around to help, Weather it be in game or on our Community forums, there is always some one to help or answer questions. We are a pve server but we allow classic pvp and pvp with flans guns. We hold events in our gaming area hosted by our Eventhost for prizes on the server and server money. Server economy with a staff ran server store and completely custom ranks. Most of our plugins are custom made for the sft community by our developers for all of the community to enjoy. We are grief and raid free to assure all players enjoy there time on the server and can be assured there homes and builds will be there when they come back. In the main world your inventory is safe when you die and you wont lose a thing.

Great server and nice staff!
Posted 12th Feb 2018
There are typically many active people, and the server is quite fair. You might intercept some heavy lag sometimes, but just ask for a restart. The lag is normally non-existent.

Great staff
No lag
Fair server
Fair rules
Many people
A classic B-Team experience
Posted 17th Dec 2017
They banned me for no reason, just was trying to build my base and they decided to ban me. Just because my base looked a bit ugly they decided to ban me, and no one offered to help me with my base. Please don't join this server the staff are rude and abusive and ban people for no reason.
Posted 11th Nov 2017
Server is awful! I got banned for no reason, I would not recommend this server to anyone. Staff abuse a lot.. the positive review is from staff members themselves promoting their server with positive feedback. Horrible.
Posted 12th Aug 2017
The moderator abuse is terrible! I only asked for some food from DaddyNex and he proceeded to freeze me, yell at me and ban me!
Posted 25th Jul 2017
Great and lovely server, very pleased with it :)
Posted 29th May 2017
This server is one of the best, if not the best attack of the bteam servers out there. everyone is super helpful, almost no items are banned, and the ones that are have good reason. play on this server! its super fun, as the name suggests.
Posted 22nd Aug 2016
Great sever, little banned items and nice staff.
Posted 7th Aug 2016
The community lacks life but it has the publicity to on top of other, better server which deserve a chance.
Posted 4th Aug 2016
I was banned for no reason, and everyone is rude.
Posted 31st Jul 2016