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Virtual Ender is a whitelisted AoTBT Server. This server is hosted by virtual gladiators, ocelot package and can hold about 24 characters. If you are the 25th accepted you can still join, just when there is less then 25 people currently on the server. This server is 24/7 and lag free along with no banned items. But, with great power comes no griefing and no killing each other unless in an arena. If you are griefed pm an admin and we will ban the briefer. If you are killed screenshot your death(only if its outside of the pvp arena).

We Hope To See You On,




What you are good at:

Why Should I Pick You/Why Do You Want To Join:

What Do You Have To Offer:

Time Zone:


Do You Plan On Buying a Rank In The Future?:

In The Future(Or Now) Do You Plan On Posting An Application For a Rank Such As Mod, Helper, Builder, or Some Rank You Can Think Of?:

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