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CarbonNetworks - Attack of the B-Team


It's always crashing when i join so i dont recommend this server
Posted 31st Oct 2016
This server doesn't let you use /spawn, /home, /sethome, /bal, (/shop is broken sometimes), you cant chat. all of these are "You do not have access to this command" and chatting says "you do not have permission to chat in this channel".
Posted 24th Oct 2016
The server is really laggy and i crash everytime i try and join the game
Posted 9th Oct 2016
Excellent public server with plenty of grief protection. My girlfriend and I love playing here and would reccomend to anyone.
Posted 7th Oct 2016
Cool server.Banned items are the only reason I don't like about this server so far
Posted 3rd Sep 2016
the server is ok at best the lack of banned items is nice but the lag is really bad. when is gets over 30 members it is almost unplayable. It has a nice community but the lag kills
Posted 24th Aug 2016
I dislike, how you need to vote to use the shop. This may be something rather small, but voting should be used for stuff like that. It should be used to judge a server, using it to access something, doesn't make it a real, vote. That a lot of people were just rude.
Posted 23rd Aug 2016
This was not a good experience, everyone is mean. I'm pretty sure the owners faked that one good review for this server aswell.
Posted 31st Jul 2016
It's a pretty neat server. Most people are nice. The only thing that I really don't like is that there are banned things that shouldn't be banned.
Posted 13th Jul 2016
Just a really good server
Posted 5th Jul 2016