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- KingdomsCity B-Team - Friendly - Anti Grief -


KingdomsCity bTeam has been around for over three years now and is striving in success; we bring high quality servers with active staff who are always happy to help. What makes KingdomsCity different from every other server is that we like to think of our selves as a family. Anyone that joins are community is part of this and having this great bond between everyone makes for a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

I did have a long paragraph telling you about my experience but then my internet crashed... So in short, start with no food, players cant be bothered to lend me some food. i start glitching in the floor and not even the mod wants to help me. I start lagging, it's not a issue on my end since I have a GTX 1050 ti, Intel Core I7 4ghz, 12 GB DDR4 2100mhz and 300mbs ethernet speed. I relog and can't get to my house because I spawn in spawn "only idiots relog without setting home" says one of the twats and gets into a heated argument with me. I get banned for swearing but does the twat? Nope because he had a rank! Best shitty server I've ever been on
Posted 25th Jul 2017
I have been playing on this server for well over a year and have found it has a great community and awesome staff who will help with your problems on the server, there is pretty much always someone on the server and I think you should try out this server.
Posted 23rd Jul 2017