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Bluecraney gamings attack of the b team server

Blue Springs

Blue Springs

Were the admins live
Players in force

Players in force

statues of all the players to join the server with recognizations for donors
Admin Shop

Admin Shop

we are a small server on a reliable hoster with a friendly welcoming admin crew. to keep the server running we do ask for donations to help keep this server running. for details on how to email us at with the subject as server.
We Now have plugins!

  • Essentials
  • iConomy
  • Factions
  • Sign shop

no greifing
no Raiding
no PVP except in the arena
no crashing the server

it is awsome but nobody's respect the rule of no griefing and no raiding
The server replied:
we are working on fixing this problem
Posted 14th Nov 2016
Really good server , no much lag , NEW , no banned items, What else can you ask for xP
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
This server is pretty great, The staff is friendly and the Master Staff is not banned. This is the best B-Team server I have seen.
Posted 29th Sep 2016