This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Craft Mine is an attack of the b-team minecraft dedicated server.
The server ip address is

Our world is a NO-PVP world and our difficulty is on Normal.
Craft Mine has a seed which means our world has a lot of villages and you spawn in a village as well :)

We have a chest at spawn where people can place items they no longer want or need and other people can take them if they want to use them.


No grieifng or stealing - If you do you will be kicked or banned
No swearing
Don't build near people unless they want you to
No spamming chat - If you do you will be muted for 5 minutes
Message people through /msg as it is annoying for other people
Don't be childish
Respect other players
Invite your friends and I may whitelist them
Make sure to always have fun :)


/warp (name) - Takes you to certain places in the world
/afk - Let people know your afk
/nick (nickname) - This will change your nickname to whatever you want it to be. To make this into a colour, do /nick &1(nickname) and each number is a different colour
/tpa (players name) - This will allow you to send a teleport request to a certain player
/tpaccept & /tpdeny - This will accept or deny a teleport request
For any other commands, ask Oliver or do /help

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