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InnovaTech Community


Here some of our features:

-PVP enabled except in claims

-The cheapest server store

-Mature and active Staff. Nice Community

-Practically NO BANNED ITEMS; just hard explosives and laggy/buged entities

-GriefPrevention (The gold shovel claim system)

-Awesome and customized donator perks


-Personal in-game Shops

-A lot of Ranks and Kits


worst server ever! WHOLE COMMUNITY just runs around spawn killing. they gave the donator god mode, so he just teleports over and helps out, the staff helps them spawn kill u basicly. people raid bases and have 0 care for claimed land. its to the point that the staff will help them raid u. SUPER toxic, bad lag, basically the worst server i have EVER seen
Posted 9th Oct 2017