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TWAWKI B-Team - Small friendly survival server! :)


TWAWKI group has had many Minecraft servers past three years. We've had Vanilla, Tekkit, Hexxit, Vanilla, B-Team, Tekkit, Madpack, Hexxit, TPPI, UMS2, Departed, Blightfall, Life In The Woods, TerraFirmaCraft, LNG Realistic Life, Ultimate Quest Pack, Tekkit Legends, Galactic Science, Space Astronomy, Infinity, Vanilla, C-Team, Unabridged, few custom modpacks and probably some other servers already forgotten.

But Attack of the B-Team has always been our favourite as it's the awesomest pack of them all! :D

We are not trying to be the best and the biggest server, there's enough of them already. Our goal instead is to make a server that we can call home! :) We are very nice, friendly and helpful community of new and long-time players, who welcome everyone who seek for relaxing easy survival gaming. We don't have too much staff and when they play they play as normal survival players. Nobody gets any item privileges, and admins and owner mines and builds stuff like everybody else in survival.


  • Players can build their bases virtually where ever they like (except to the other players backyards). Some players have also formed villages and played there as individuals or as groups.
  • The world is infinite, there is no world borders. Explore your heart out!
  • There is no annoying "clearlagg's" or forced regular restarts to keep the lag away, as the server is kept lag-free with careful manual interventions and staff cleaning old bases from chunk loaders and laggy contraptions. Yes you heard right, chunk loaders are allowed as they don't cause lag, it's laggy machinery which causes lag, and if your base don't have laggy stuff then you are welcome to keep it running 24/7 with chunk loaders. If you really need million cactuses, go for it! xD
  • Players can build awesome stuff without need to worry that it will be gone next day. Mob block damage is off. Griefed stuff can be rollbacked. GriefPrevention claiming and our admins hawk eyes protects the rest. :)
  • Claimable area increases by non-afk playing time. The longer you play the larger you can build.
  • There is no server shops other than for some glitched items which can't be crafted. All the shops are made by players for the players. You get money when you start on the server and from daily login rewards, and from selling and trading stuff with other players. Economy is stable, no insane multi-thousand-dollar ingot prices!
  • We have already 40 different radio channels for OpenBlocks radio, including lots of musical styles, plus some fun non-musical channels too. Collect them all and we'll add some more!
  • Server runs on a dedicated hardware with fast network, tera-byte harddisks, fast CPU and lots of RAM.
  • Server's location in Eastern North America provides excellent lag-free connections also to Europe (owner is from Europe so this is a must!).


  • PvP is not allowed and it's OFF by default.
  • Griefing, stealing and raiding are not allowed. Doing these is sure way to get permanently banned.
  • No swearing, not even concealed swears or acronyms of swearing as their meaning is just the same as the real words. We keep our server kid-friendly and nice place for players of all ages by enforcing this rule seriously. :)
  • No spamming, racism, sexism or sexual content either. Not even as "jokes" or "memes". Keep it clean, respect others and you are respected.
  • Don't cheat, don't hack, don't abuse bugs and glitches. Doing those on survival server is totally lame.
  • Anyone cheating by duplicating or generating items by abusing bugs and glitches, or receiving or distributing stuff gained by such cheaty methods, will be banned. Intended use of lava fabricators, magma crucibles and other machinery is of course allowed.
  • All server lagging or crashing contraptions will be deleted.
  • Don't ask staff for privileges, ranks, or staff positions as you won't get them that way. Not that we would even have such. :P
  • All player bans are permanent. No temporary bans. If the breaking of the rules is severe enough, also the rule breakers friends may get banned to stop them getting revenge, use cheated/hacked-in stuff, or whine the rule breaker back. We don't ban jokingly and we don't have immature admins or mods who would troll the players and ban for random reasons. Our admins don't have sense of humour when it comes to the rules.

Banned stuff:

  • All banning has been done with great regret and only to protect the honest players.
  • Minions Mod (griefing) (Necromancy minions are ok)
  • Dubstep guns (crashing)
  • Statues hammer (griefing)
  • Golden Eggs (griefing)
  • Flans Mechas (griefing)
I have tried to join multiple times but all I get is Cant resolve hostname. Is it me? or the server?
The server replied:
Just you! :P And I guess you got in as someone new came on today and told they had a typo on the server address. :) Both TWAWKI.TK and TWAWKI.CLUB work. :)
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
The Owner is a very responsible guy who is fair and extremely helpful. he also is very responsive to messages and the admin are all very helpful and kind. the players themselves pull together as a community and help each other with the mods through showing and teaching others (this includes owner admin and players) for the "bad apples" and griefers they are sorted extremely quickly and when they break the rules they are swiftly banned.

so my conclusion is

if you are a valid player who wants to play and learn from a friendly community THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU.

if all you want to do is mess around and ruin other players game, builds and be rude and obnoxious

The server is normally always up unless there has been a glitch (like the riding a certain dino) then it will be down for no longer then 10 mins

the own also has other servers with different modpacks on so this is a good server to start and get to know the community

Once you have experienced a TWAWKI server and how the owner and admins work you wont want to join another server

P.s there are a few things banned for safety and to prevent the server from crashing or people griefing which most servers have.

there are no shortcuts and the owner doesn't like people asking for creative or to become admin.

If you want creative you should find another server
Posted 2nd Feb 2018
i really love the server and have been playing for a month now but the problem is that i went to ride my pterosaur but got kicked and cant join again cause im still on him thus just getting kicked over and over again...please fix this
The server replied:
It was fixed 15 mins after your last try 3 days ago when I noticed you were in trouble. You can come back now! :D
Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Nice chilly server with friendly people on it and much fredom.
Sadly you are not allowed to use the sculptures but its not that of a problem :D
Posted 30th Oct 2017
The server is awesome! :D There are many rules, but the rules are just the usual way you should act in public and with anyone. Respectfully. When people swear and are disrespectful to me or anyone else, usually for no reason at all, it really feels tainted and makes me not want to play anymore, BUT because those people usually get banned, the community stays safe and strong for friends and myself to enjoy after a long, difficult day. I have met some really awesome people there, of all ages, from all around the world, and I actually go on that server more for the community than anything else. :)

Most people who are banned from the server, like in other complaint reviews, actually deserved it, and most didn't even read the rules that are RIGHT THERE when you log in. >_> The staff are awesome and friendly, and I believe they're fair too. Bullying isn't tolerated which is good, and people help each other a lot. Probably the best server I have ever played on! :D
Posted 16th Jul 2017
This server is a friendly server whose owner is kind to anyone that obeys his rules. On the other hand, he is harsh to those that disobey his rules. But this means that the players on the server are kind to each other and it really does feel like a community. The players, more often that not, are willing to help each other out often trading or just outright giving each other materials. This server has a very friendly environment, and that is why it has kept me playing for over 2 years.
Posted 21st Jun 2017
And I quote, "for being asshole (friends name) friend"

How is this a valid reason to be banned? Very strict and young staff. DO NOT RECCOMEND! Find a different server.
Posted 30th Apr 2017
Nice random permanent ban. Like really. Reading the rules, it's pretty big chore. Nvm, that I am a child. And also, my friend got banned for 'being friends with me'??????????? Uh, I don't know how to respond.
Posted 18th Apr 2017
So me and my friends join the server i read the rules but forgot to tell me friends, on ACCIDENT a honest mistake. i was on for like 10 minutes before my friends joined testing the server when they joined i told them to tp to me. My friend swore once and was told by one of the players on the server that's that is not allowed.
he said he wont swear anymore we play for about 45 minutes or something then he says he got banned! and he honestly didn't know about the rules we asked the owner to unban him and he was strict didn't even care about anything we were saying and acted like a total douche. I leave for a while then come back and i found out i was banned. Why? Because apparently STANDING UP FOR YOUR FRIENDS isn't allowed on the server and i had read the rules on this website and nowhere does it say that. So i ask that the admin gets it together and actually acts nice.
Posted 4th Sep 2016
This is a cute server, people seem nice.
Posted 29th Aug 2016