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Ktecknix AOTBT

pin_drop (private server)

This is a whitelisted Attack of the B Team server. If you are wanting to join please email me ( and I will need your:

In Game Name
Skype Name
Why I should whitelist you?

Rules are :
No Cheating (Duplicating...)
No Griefing.
Keep the Chat PG.
No Spamming.

Hope to see you soon :)

  • Kteckca
Minecraft Username: Mason_Gay
Skype Username: macestrongarm
Age: 15.5 years
Country: United States of America
Language: English, German, I am learning Spanish, (English is first language)
White-listing: I have been looking for a small AOTB server in which I can build and show my creativity, the past two servers would not let me join because of sexual preference and I would just like to find a nice small server to play on. I would also like to (it is ok if I cannot) build in creative, not spawn in items but just build and make an amazing server where I can build and have fun, a server where I can be trusted not to grief and a server where I can trust others not to grief, Thank you for considering allowing me to join your server, -Mason (I tried emailing you but it failed so I suppose this is my best way to reach you.)
Posted 29th Aug 2016