This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • We are trying to let a random teleport work!
  • Some kits are up. More to be added!

An amazing Brand new Attack of The B-team server!
Awesome staff (YES, We are looking for more!)
Cool community build spawn by Fegeleinist and Kasanii (Kasanii is a Admin)
128gb of ram!!
And a small list of banned items, we only ban items that are really OP, can crash the server OR if you can grief claimed bases.

We have plenty of space in the Overworld, Nether, Promised land, The moon and even Mars! And its very easy to find a untouched piece of land!

We do some clean ups (nerdpoles or small griefs that makes the terraforming look unattractive.

We say yes to griefing BUT feel free to ask for a structure rollback BUT there is a chance we remove the chests because of multiple reasons!

We are reqruiting but you must be active on the server for some time. Then talk to the owner, MarzipanCraft. Then its possible that you get a test period which means no OP etc. But simply helping people! We decide later on if we give you OP. Do not abuse admin powers! If you give a friend or a staff member without OP, Op. Then there will be a demote considered!!

Our Spawn is made by the Admin Kasanii. She would like if you dont shoot or use explosives in spawn. The guns will break glass and glowstone. And there is quite some glass as you can see.

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