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APOC Gaming Network (1.2.5-1.13.2)



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APOC Gaming is a Minecraft network founded in 2010, independently hosting over 15 servers from 1.2.5 to 1.13.2.

More than a dozen custom plugins, fully programmed by our own developers, cover fundamentals such as; Economy, Item Drops, Plots, Rewards, Shops, Voting, World Generation, and more!

3rd Party mods and plugins such as Factions, Grief Prevention and Towny work alongside custom plugins to provide complete protection, allowing us to permit modded items which would otherwise be banned!

Our custom-programmed universal Bungeecord setup allows communication seamlessly across ALL APOC Minecraft servers and enables players on any server to connect to the 1.13.2 vanilla server hub!

A Modpack to suit everyone! We host every official technic pack along with a select few from other sources and our own flagship custom, APOC Tech & RPG server!

Our most popular servers include: APOC Tech & RPG, YogsCast Complete, Attack Of The B-Team, Agrarian Skies & Hexxit and we have recently added The 1.7.10 Pack, Project Ozone 2 & TEKXIT!

A full servers list can be found at: along with the required launcher and IP (if required).

Check us out online at: or on Discord at:

This network focuses on providing the best experience for it's players. That is why I joined, and why I am still here. They listen to the players and their suggestions, and have high quality servers with no lag.
Posted 26th May 2017
They use your name to vote without asking you xD
Posted 3rd Oct 2016