This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Server Name: Arandaria
Server Locale: United States, Dallas Texas
Server Address/IP:
Version: 1.8
Game Play Type/s: [PvE][PvP][Survival]

Arandaria has no protection outside spawn and greifing and raiding are allowed. This is a brand new server that has only been out for about a week in order to get things working right. Difficulty is set to hard and the world border is set to 150k with plans to be removed entirely.

In order to spice up Minecraft mcmmo and Vampires (massivecraft version) have been added. The combat abilities in mcmmo have been weaken by a significant amount (in most cases half the bonus damage) to adjust for balance.

All staff is extremely friendly and held accountable for what they do in a fair way. If you are treated unfairly by the staff it will be the staff not you who are punished. We also have several anti-cheat/xray plugins to help take care of hackers quickly and efficiently.

1) No Hacking/Xraying
2) No Racism
3) Spamming
4) No posting inappropriate links in chat
5) Greifing IS allowed
6) Swearing IS allowed (within reason)

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