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Welcome to Hamster Craft!
To all new people this is no ordinary server, we are a Attack of the B-Team Server with a great community and many plugins that will keep you on the server for a long time. Attack of the B-Team has many things to do so you wont get bored easily. I hope you guys enjoy your stay on Hamster Craft, and remember be sure to read the rules when you join the server.
Having Trouble Joining?
There is a quick installation guide on how to download Technic Launcher and how to install Attack of the B-Team for those that do not know how to. Just head over to:
What Plugins do we have?
Well this is just a small list of plugins but we do have them to make your experience on the server better, and to keep you entertained while on the server. Here is a small list of some of the plugins:
Essentials - For Homes/Tpa/Kits
MobArena - Incase you get bored
GriefPrevention - To Prevent your home from being destroyed
LWC - An Extra security measure for your chests
FloAuction - So you can sell your goodies for a reasonable price
Marriage - So you can get together with that special someone
Player Heads - So you can get someone else's head
Multiverse - For more worlds and more fun
Aside from these plugins we have many more that will help make your experience better, i hope you enjoy your stay on Hamster Craft!

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