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Have Fun on this server Just try not to crash the server any recommended plugins contact me and i will input them into the server! No banned items unless certain items are abused.

I like the server thow some Q´s

does the server reset?
(because the world seems so untouched and i would like to know that before i start on something big)

is there a way i can claim land? if so how? if not planned to add that function?

could you add the plugin essentails ( it adds stuff like /tpa /home and ...)

is this the way people are supposed to contact you or is there another way

if you could add a way for people to own somekind of shop thingy were they can sell stuff by using the plug in (signshop) or something) for the people to make there own shops and not a server made shop kinda thingy

and so far i know if anyone wonders i live in sweden and im not lagging at all the server seems great and new (if it not resets) and its just a great server theres no like spawn area and stuff like that and i havent seen any kind off shop yet so i like it

made by Marley also knows as username in game umade

please respond as soon as possible
Posted 13th Mar 2018