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Attack of the B-Team Server | PvE and PvP - advanc



I have been through many B-Team servers of the years, and this has got to be the worst one out there. The staff, for starters, are rude, unknowledgeable, and unintelligent. If they can ever be found online, the chances are you won't come across a friendly staff member. As for the community, the players are often silent, and there is no room to make potential teammates, because they lack basic communication. The reliability of the server isn't to great either. I have lost countless items on the server, only to be told I cannot be refunded, even though it was a server side error. There is constant lag, and they often clear ground items without warning! -1 from me.
Posted 24th Sep 2019
Alright, lets get an actual review in here

This review is for ALL servers

Great community, if you need an item, there is always a person who will sell/give you the item

Decent support, as long if you use the ticket system to report something, they will help you out ASAP.

Staff gets things done, not fast, but still gets things done.

Few banned items

These servers are family friendly, meaning that you'll get something good out of the community, but also harder to communicate. If your looking for a server that you can have conversations with people and work together, MineYourMind isn't for you.

Staff are a bit too strict. Good for the player who reports them, but bad for the player who gets banned. No matter what you did, if you break the rule, you broke the rules, that's that.
You could make a ban appeal, but that's too much of a hassle for some people.

Not all servers are created equal, some crash a lot, while others runs perfectly, so depending on your modpack, the server may be laggy

These servers are made for the AVERAGE player, if you aren' an average player, or aren't that well in the community, then once again, this server isn't for you.
So if you aren't careful, you have a higher chance of being banned.

Staff aren't always there when you need them. They aren't scattered around the modpacks very well.

So, if your an average player, and don't say much, or be very mindful on what you say, only some of the servers would be good for you, as again, not all the servers are created equal.

(Not to mention they lie about the b-team servers, there is a TON of lag, either they don't care about the server or their extremely slow with it)
Posted 9th Jan 2018
Good server except the LAG!!!! Cant even say LAG in game have to say L@G!!!! I keep dying because of the Lag!! I lose all my stuff because of the Lag! It takes me 2 hours to build a floor in my base because of the lag! Its that bad! The thing though I like its easy to get claim blocks and money in the shop, and the staff are nice, but the one thing that ruins the server is LAG! I donated and I hope they use that money to upgrade the server because it really needs it, It even lags when like no one is on. I lost Diamonds and Amephyst because of the LAG!!!!!
Posted 11th Nov 2017
Hello, what should i do if when i try to login it says:

Failed to log in: Bad login

Do any of you know how to fix this, so I can play on the server?
Posted 6th Oct 2017
Excellent server with a friendly atmosphere where people know how to have fun. Unlike that kingdomscity server where the staff are morons. I would recommend this server to everyone.
Posted 1st Oct 2017
idk well i got false banned. this is unbelievable plus i did not do duping of any item and there i NO HACK CLIENT THAT CAN DO IT SO please unban me

i love playing on this server and then i get banned for finding items on the ground
Posted 1st Sep 2017
very good players and helpful 10/10 fully recommend it
Posted 26th May 2017