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Neobyte Network B-Team

Come and Join Neobyte Today!

Come and Join Neobyte Today!

Welcome to one of the Best and Newest Attack of the B-Team servers!

We have not only taken the time to patch and fix items in-game to prevent us having a massive banned items list we have also create custom patches to allow the server to run smoother than any other! Come and join today

Server Specs:

  • Xeon Processor 3.9GHZ
  • 16GB DDR4
  • SSD Drives
  • 1GBPS Port
  • Dedicated Backups
  • DDOS Protection!
the islands don't work, no moderators are ever on, and the server seems abandoned
Posted 24th Aug 2016
This server is just all out wonderful. The staff are super friendly, tons of custom things on the server. Lots of donor ranks/kits to choose from. Great playing experience!
Posted 23rd Jul 2016