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[1.0.12c] Coolax B-Team [PvE]



Join the Coolax Empire on our PvE Attack of the B-team server! Explore new realms and possibilities. Live out your dreams of being a mad scientist with advanced technology. Embark on a journey filled with witchcraft, gene editing, space travel, and more!

I figured I should just copy my review I left over on the PvP server, because I feel entirely the same on this one, and the playerbase needs to hear this!

Over the years, I have been through several B-Team servers. It is through my experience, I have determined that Coolax hosts the best severs, with little to no lag, and an amazing player experience. From the staff, to the player base, and everything in-between, I have never had a bad experience on either sever. Coolax is reliable, friendly, and easy-going. I can go on a list several pros, and almost no cons. Thanks to their amazing developers which I have gotten the chance of knowing, there is a small amount of items that are banned. The rest has been patched or redeveloped by their amazing devs! Absolute +1 to Coolax. They have been around for years, and I hope they continue to do so!
Posted 24th Sep 2019