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Raizelia an empire ruled by the Cadiz Family (Looking for Mods, Builders & Shopmakers. Apply Here:

Our server was originally a private play server for the Cadiz Family and friends. It is now public for other people to enjoy come and play with us!
This is a Faction/PVP/Raid Server hiding behind a Roleplay Theme inspired by the Anime: "Code Geass" ^o^

I'm considering putting in a mod to make things a little more fun but I'll wait til I get more "Yes's" before trying that since not everyone like downloading mods and forge.

Emperor = Owner:
Prince = Co-Owner (There are 3)
Earl = Admin
Champion = Head Moderator
Royal Guard = Moderator
Builds all Staff needed buildings and recreational projects
Makes shops for players and may offer goods to players for a set price.

The rules are a little different on this server:
Hacking is allowed (For Nobles and up)
Advertising is allowed (For Noble and up or by talking with the Emperor)
Scamming is allowed
Everyone has access to magic from the Zephyrus Plugin
All voices will be heard (and ignored)
Fairness is enforced

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