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A nanotekkit Attack of the B-team server

Server Spawn

Server Spawn

Server IP:

Server Rules:

Be Polite
Don't grief or raid
Have fun!

Server Plugins: Grief Prevention, Essentials, Anti Swear, other minor ones

Server Description: This is a survival server, have fun!

Up time: It should be 24/7 with short down times whenever we need to update something or do a backup.

Community: A mix of people from our tekkit server and those who have found the server through this forum. Everyone is generally helpful. Rude people will not be tolerated and are muted or banned.

Whitelist: None, anyone can join. If it says its whitelisted, it means we're fixing an error, check back in a few minutes to an hour and it should be back to normal.

Check out our website and our facebook page for notifications of maintenance or any other news

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