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Havoc-Forces B-Team



We have a dedicated staff.
Friendly atmosphere.
Discord available (


1 - No griefing, Duping, Hacking, or exploiting.
2 - Quarrying in the Overworld, Nether. or End is allowed.
3 - Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other offensive speech will not be tolerated.
4 - Gifting technology & game breaking items is highly frowned upon (All Staff will discourage it and will confiscate items if deemed necessary).
5 - No AFK devices.
6 - No hack-usations.
7 - No visual diarrhea. This includes ugly block towers and leaving explosions everywhere.

  1. -No Building in the End, Nether

    To Join

    Minecraft Technic B-Team, Server IP:

Lit besides the fact there is some banned items that I've never seen banned on other servers
Posted 31st Oct 2017
how do we get added to the whitelist?
Posted 17th Oct 2017
Great server. I have been with these guys for years, I am very excited about the re-opening of this network! Keep up all the good work.
Posted 29th Sep 2017