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  • Ip:

                                      + Summery:

Bacon Craft is a server that just recently busted out of vanilla to enjoy attack of the B-Team! We don't block any mods, and offer great experiences to everyone! Keep in mind that we have zero tolerance for grief but allow raiding.

                                      + Donation Benefits:

                           Use of the Master staff (minions mod item)
                             Use of poppet shelf (witchery mod item)
                                    TARDIS (cumming soon)
                                      Set multiple homes!
                                     Custom tags/names
                                          God mode
                                           Fly mode
                                       In game money
                                          FREE items
                                       AND LOTS MORE
                      And it helps us a lot to keep the server running!

                                      + Website:


                                      + What we want:

We are looking for well rounded players that are willing to spread the servers community and keep the server running for years to come!

                                      + Up-time:

The server will be kept up 24/7 and only taken down for quick maintenance!

                                      + Cool Plugins:


                                      + Rules:

                                      No spam
                                      No glitch abuse
                                      No obsessive cursing
                                      No you may not ask for items/ranks
                                      No Grief
                                      Yes we do allow PVP
                                      Yes we do allow raiding
                                      No we don't allow camping

                                      + Staff:


                                      Watson56 (the troll)

                                      + Removed:

                                      Steam turbines
  • Hope to see you playing!!!
    -Spawn by Taiizor

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