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Please go check out our website at I cannot tell you how many players have connection issues that we CAN'T help with because no one goes to our website for help.

Cracked Cube is a new Attack of the B-Team server, managed by a close knit group of friends who are passionate about providing the most fun and unique experiences that they can. All four of the Founders of Cracked Cube have spent countless hours playing an array of different games, observing multiple popular servers, and learning what it takes to be a host of a strong multiplayer community. Our goal is to craft an ever-evolving and welcoming experience in Attack of the B Team that players will want to continue to come back for.

We thank you for your interest in the server and we hope to see you online!

-The Founders (DoomGiver32, Callister93, OMFGPie, Scenedikemon)

How can we accomplish this, you may ask? Let’s show you some of our ideas.
Before you read any further, we would like to place a disclaimer here:
This server is in BETA. That means things may change drastically in the next couple of months. This is our team’s first time putting together a server of this magnitude from scratch. However, we've been hard-working and experienced staff members on other large servers before. There IS a difference between being a person who must follow instructions and being the person to make the decisions, however, we are confident this will be fun and successful experience. Please do not be surprised though if aspects of our server change slightly as time goes forward. Thank you for your understanding! :)


PvP-PvE Mixed Playstyle!
    WHAT?! How can you mix PvE with PvP?! Easily! Our idea was to provide players with the ability to grow their OWN town, their OWN power, their OWN resources, all within in a safe environment. However, we know that having only PvE can grow tiring after awhile. There isn't much of a challenge in killing those pigs you have penned up after a month of playing! This is why Cracked Cube will feature weekly (possibly bi-weekly, TBD) purges.
    What is a purge? It is a 1-2 hour (TBD again) event in which many of the rules of Cracked Cube go right out the window. Things such as chest protection and PvP protection will suddenly disappear! Don't worry, enemies won't be able to actually destroy your base (permanently at least), but they will be able to get into it as well as place blocks and access chests.
    Why? Well because this type of setting gives players much more of an incentive to group up, organize towns, and protect themselves. However, the short time period in which these events can happen is minimal, so for the majority of the time, you're safe. PvP is a bannable offence, as is griefing and stealing. Players MUST wait for the designated time to do such things.
Guns are ALLOWED!
    … BUT only during the purge events! At all other times, all guns will be confiscated and banned. This makes guns slightly more expensive, so players can't just build up a massive armory and use the same guns every single purge event. The more players you have, the larger the cost to arm them all will be.
Lower Ore-Generation!
    We've lowered the amount of ore that spawns from the base AotBT, so it is a slightly more metered experience. We believe that how the ore-generation is currently in the server allows for players to still acquire large amounts of resources (even with the lack of quarry-like items/blocks), but not quickly enough to essentially beat the game in a matter of hours. On top of this, as the main overworld begins to wear out of ores, we will begin to experiment with "retro-generating" the ores back into the world so that players can continue to gather resources. If that method fails, we will open a digging world for players.

Random Spawning Mechanics!

We've disabled the ability to create Nether-Portals and End-Portals ingame. Why? Well:
    1.) Multiverse can be dumb and it's a tad broken. We could get around it, but we also want to be able to...

2.) have control over the nether and the end, centralizing the point players go so they can access these dimensions in the easiest way to do so. Both our Overworld and Nether world have a "random" spawn. This means it's pretty much impossible to spawn camp. When you go from the spawn world to the Overworld or Netherworld, you're plopped randomly somewhere in the world, making it much more spread out and harder for some more shifty players to try to ruin your fun. Trying to meet up with friends is still easy, though! All players have access to teleport requests, so you can meet up with your friends quickly and easily!

Server IP

Our IP for the server is

We also have a website, and it should be noted that to get the "Member" rank, you need ONLY sign up there, and you will automatically get Member status

Our TeamSpeak information is also located on the website (Left hand side of the AOTBT page).

Server Rules

  1. No griefing (outside of war events)
  2. No spamming the chat
  3. No harassing/arguing with staff
  4. No hacked clients/x-ray mods, etc.
  5. Use common sense!
    Failure to abide by these rules can, obviously, get you permanently banned. Donors are NOT exempt from this, so don't try donating to get around the rules. You will be banned just the same

    Disabled/Removed Mods

Dubstep guns. They may be added again later as a donor perk, but for now they just annoy the heck out of us. :P

Banned Items

Master's Staff: Can cause massive item drop that bypasses item protection
Sacred Rubber Sapling: One already generated by accident.... Google it if you want to know why. No pls. The cleanup will take weeks.
Routed Extension/Crafting Pipes: They can cause a server-wide crash. Only a temporary ban until the issue is fixed.
Portable EnderPorter: Can be used to completely bypass Towny protections and grief towns. No one likes random people walking inside their towns. :P

Major Plugins

World Edit
World Guard

  • Many others, too numerous to name :P


24/7 (Or as close to this as our server host will allow us!)

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