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Damocles Gaming


A new Attack of the B-Team server with an old community, Damocles Gaming offers an interesting an immersive Towny experience with no banned mods or items. Whether you want to band together with your friends to build citadels and airships or wander off on your own to explore the magic of witchery, our server offers it all - with enough RAM to keep the whole show running smoothly. Our staff are helpful and experienced both in server rules and with the modpack; meaning whatever the problem we've got the solution. Damocles hopes to bring its community an immersive, fun experience without restrictions or drawbacks so that you, the players, can kick back and enjoy.

I have been playing this server for a while now and i got to say it is one of the best or is the best aotbt servers around. Amazing friendly staff and tons of nice people. I have to say i have had an perfect experience on this server.
Posted 12th Aug 2017
Friend of mine got banned for "hacking"
Random Builder ranked staff member named Falcon came back online after what I'm guessing is a long while. He claimed my friend had a 64 damage cleaver, auto place, and kill aura. My friend had a stone sword and diamonds..
Would not recommend this server.. irresponsible staff that banned another of my friends before banning the original.
When asked about it, he ignored our questions and proceeded to talk to other players.
The server replied:
Hi, I was hoping you could PM me here or hop onto our Discord so I could resolve the issue. Thanks! ~Astruis
Posted 11th Aug 2017
The server it self is wonderful with plenty of great people, but in the description it states "With enough RAM to keep the whole show running smoothly" while the server has been going on and off today August 6th.
The server replied:
As of today, I've just added another 2.15GB of RAM to the server to help with the performance issues we've been having as we grow. I expect to see your experience improve as a result - I am sorry for the downtime while the upgrades were being done!
Posted 6th Aug 2017
Server has wonderful staff, and an absolutely awesome community. The structure of this server is very well built, for w new server. Getting more people would be a joy to all.
The server replied:
Thank you! We look forward to growing our community.
Posted 29th Jul 2017