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TheEmeraldAge - BTeam

Spawn Building

Spawn Building

Spawn Building
Spawn Shop

Spawn Shop

Spawn Shop

Hello and welcome to TheEmeraldAge's BTeam server! This is a wonderful server with very limited restrictions. I hope you have fun and a great time!

[1] Minion's Staff
[2] Luggage
[3] Present
(might be more depending on if people abuse)

[1] No Griefing
[2] No Racism
[3] No Spamming
[4] No Being a Jerk
[5] No Asking To Be A Moderator
[6] No X-Ray Or Ore Finders
[7] No Abusing Bugs or Exploits
[8] No Client-Side Hacks
[9] No Building At Any Spawn
[10] No Asking For Creative
[11] No Killing A Player's Pet
[12] No PVP In The Main World

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