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Morsodic B-Team!


This server is rather unique; it runs in a slightly different manner than do the other servers. Generally speaking, most servers are inclined to hire a staff tree that goes as follows: Helper->Moderator->Admin->Head-Admin->Owner. As much as I have been used to this hierarchical system, I have decided to run a server that goes quite differently.

Welcome, to MorsodiCraft, a server that shall be run with two opposing sides, one of which, you must choose to join. The two sides are based upon Cartesian Duality, and are named MIND and BODY as of such. Each side shall be run by its own respective leader, them hiring the staff, rather than the owner, and even the leaders shall be in survival when the server is finished with its initial maintenance. Mind gives Witchery/Other magical mods perks, and Body gives access to perks pertaining to more physical things, such as tech and weaponry. Each side has its own ladder, that can be ranked up without donation, but merely with time played.

As for more generalized server information, there are in fact banned items. The only items banned are ones that shall be of extreme server disruption, such as grief bypasses, and duping, and in rare instances, crashes and lag.

So, come to the server, and enjoy.


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