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Potatoland Server- Friendly- KeepInv-NoGrief

pin_drop (private server)

I have experience in admining servers before, but before I can release I need to know what items to ban so I can work around that as I finish stuff!

Seeking knowledgable people for helpers, I need to know what to ban and whatnot etc.

If you just an average person looking to help out I would love to hear what items I need to ban on b-team, I can let you play and give you a donor rank or items or whatever, just let me know I'm flexible.

If you're a owner of an existing functioning server and feel generous enough to tell me what items to ban, I would very much be grateful. I can also pay via paypal if you're willing to send me the plugin and config file with the banned items.

I aim to have a fun server for everyone to play b-team on, so anyone is welcome to help and express interest.

I can be contacted at skype: Crystacune

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