This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to NecroCraft! We are a new Attack of the B-Team that has no lag or crashes(unless someone does something stupid!). We have worked hard to enable minions. They can still hit people's bases but not spawn so we have kept the little buggers! Just hide your bases folks!


  1. PvP is enabled! No whining about being griefed, raided, killed, or taglocked!

  2. No pvp at spawn! This includes guns and genes!

  3. Don't cause lag/crashes!

  4. Don't dupe/hack!

  5. If you somehow get a banned item or get to a banned world(which should be impossible) report how you did it to a staff member! You will be rewarded if you comply and if you don't tell staff and get caught you will be punnished

  6. Don't spam chat!

  7. Don't ask to be staff or for items!

Failure to abide by these rules gets 2 warnings then temp ban for 24 hrs then further transgressions will get you perm banned

Banned Items:

  1. Hammer from sculpture mod

  2. flans vehicle crafting table

  3. Coconut grenades

  4. tropics world

  5. promised land

  6. crane

These are banned until updates fix them!

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