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HorizonCity - BTEAM


were a small and simple server. No pay to win setups.
Just straight BTEAM fun!

You the player controls the economy, shops, land, environment, gameplay. We let you have
nearly total freedom to enjoy the game how you want :D

We only control the server to make sure there is no major hack mods being used,
and we ensure that CHAT stays clean for everyone to enjoy good conversations.

rules are simple:

1 - Keep cursing to a minimum please.

2 - you CAN talk about other servers in chat. you can TALK about anything in chat!

3 - Do not bypass spawn protection to kill or grief. You will be jailed.

4 - Respect the Admins.

5 - Claim your land with Factions. Admins are not responsible for Grief outside of spawn.

That's it. obey those few rules, and you will never be bothered by an admin or moderator. :)
Though, sometimes we have been known to do some light trolling...

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