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WolfCFR B-Team Server


WolfCFR B-Team Server!

Our banned items list can be found on

We have a friendly staff, who always is happy to help.

Join us now!

This Server is one of the best out there!
Posted 26th Oct 2017
Hi, I'm stuck on the server and cannot move or talk--I get booted off within 3 seconds! Please help! Can you move me to spawn or something? Thank you! -nic
Posted 18th Feb 2017
Hi This is lord_darkness68 i am stuck on the server Iternal Server error so i cant join plz move me to to spawn or somehing =) Thx
Posted 7th Sep 2016
the server community is very friendly and helpful it has a large ban list and that is the only thing that hurts the server
Posted 24th Aug 2016
I really suggest this server. The people are great, the staff are wonderful and very friendly and helpful (although sometimes take a little while to get ahold of- but this can be expected of them- people have to sleep sometimes, and they have lives outside of minecraft, too.) This was my first Attack of the B-Team server I've ever played on, and it really made my experience in playing very enjoyable. The community that plays on this server is small, but that's one of the things I like about it, because there isn't an overwhelming number of people constantly messing up the world.
All in all, my only real complaints are that the server will reset every so often (I think its every few hours, but I'm not 100% sure), but that's just to keep the server running smoothly, so I don't mind it much.
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone new to the Attack of the B-Team modpack, or anyone else who wants to play it.
Posted 15th Aug 2016
Very rude players. I wish they were nice to me :(
Posted 4th Aug 2016
I joined this server and everyone was just rude to me
Posted 31st Jul 2016
I personally love the server because of all the people who get on it. Almost all the time there are nice people getting on but every once in awhile there is that 1 or 2 mean people. The staff are kind and always helpful to anyone and everyone.
Posted 26th Jul 2016