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Icemod Attack of the B-Team Official


The Icemod Attack of the B-Team server is a dedicated server driven to pleasing everyone who plays on it. The server is currently running the recommended version of the modpack, so you will need to use the technic launcher! Currently, the server is prepping for a full beta release soon, so stay tooned! When beta is released, everyone will be able to join! Want to join early, and expxerience Alpha? Join this website and apply under the correct subforum titled 'Minecraft Attack of the B-team server" Anywhere else, and we may not see it!

The server is Co-Owned by two people. Me (TheVariedGamer or steakandeggs4) and Koganeh (Kog). We frequent our new teamspeak, which will also be released with the server! Keep us in mind when you want a new server, as we will be adding new and cool things!

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