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Erebus: Attack of the B-Team [Modded server] [Grea


The Attack of the B-Team server has arrived!

The Attack of the B-Team is a technic modpack made by two well know youtubers. The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods and some fancy mad science mods.

The B-Team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. To get your name on that list you'll need to sign up on the forum post here or on out pmc page or on mcforums.

To keep the server going we need donations. There are 3 packages in the B-Team store which is here.

Our server has simple but strict rules and they are:

  1. No Griefing
  2. No killing other players without consent
  3. No asking for items
  4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming

The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it. i can be found here.

Downloading the modpack is pretty simple and can be found here. Once you launch it select 'Attack of the B-Team' and hit play.

Whitelist Application

To sign up for the Attack of the B-Team server you will need to answer a few simple questions.
Staff will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know that you have been accepted.
All players will be accept.


Leave your reply in the comments or on PMC or mcForums:
Minecraft username:
Where you found this server?
Why you want to be on this sever?
What are you planning on doing on the server?
Your favourite colour?

| Whitelist Application: Erebus Fourms, PMC, mcForums |
| Sphax Texturepack | Modpack download | Server Store |

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