This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Slas_98's BTeam server | whitelisted | NO banned i


This is a Attack Of The B-Team server - updated to version: 1.0.10B

Anyone AT or ABOVE the age of 15 can apply.

I am only accepting 10 players - 2/10 already playing.

Make sure you know the rules (below) before applying!

fill out an application with having FULLY answered the questions below (Make it look good!)

How old are you?:
Why do you want a private BTeam server?:
What can you provide to the server?:
Why should i accept you?:
Are you a builder?:
How mature are you for your age?:
Can you skype voice chat and do you have a mic?:
Do you youtube?:
How active can you be?:
What are your best interests in Attack Of The B-Team (mod wise)?:
What are my rules?:

To apply: message me on skype at: anthony.slas

Any disobeyed rules will result in a PERM BAN.
[1] NO griefing.
[2] Be nice and respectful to other players.
[3] Try not to swear.
[4] Pranking or joking is allowed.
[5] Do NOT ask to be TP'ed or OP'ed
[6] Enjoy and have fun!

NOTE: there is NO plugins and KeepInventory is ON

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