This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Whitelisted BTeam server | 24/7 | no grief! | appl


Attack of the B-Team server | Version 1.0.10B

well update server when pack updates

Requirements to join:

1. Age 16 or up.

2. You need skype with mic for calls.

3. Speak English.

4. You HAVE to follow the rules(see below).

How to Apply:

Only through skype, use the application format(see below). 
NOTE: do not apply in the comments, they will not be seen.

Application Format:

1. What is your age:

2. What country do you live in, what state:

3. Why do you want a private BTeam server:

4. Why should i accept you, and not the other person:

5. What are my rules:

6. Is griefing allowed:

7. Is PvP allowed:

8. How active can you be:


1. No griefing.

2. No using racial slurs.

3. Try not to swear.

4. Be nice and friendly to other players.

5. Do not ask for iteams, starter kits, or OP.

6. PvP is allowed within reason.

7. No nagging, or winning.

8. Act mature.


My Skype:

use anthony.slas   OR   Anthony(slas_98)

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