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[1.0.12c] Coolax B-Team [PvP]


I need a ip! have not been on so I don't know if the sever is good or not, but i would like to see. where can I find the ip?
The server replied:
The IP is
Posted 11th Apr 2017
One of the best Attack of the B-Team servers out there! Very few banned items, and a great economy system. Plus, the factions really add to the experience.

10/10 would play for hours on end again.
Posted 14th Mar 2017
the IP isnt working for me is the server down or new IP?
The server replied:
The server is up again!
Posted 3rd Mar 2017
Wonderful server with great bugfixes, staff, and community!
Posted 16th Feb 2017
I love this server no matter what people say the community is friendly but if you don't protect your land people will Shrek you but it makes the game fun I personally thin that it is a too big world.Some people say that it helps and I must say if it were smaller people would have found my bace.

This server is a dog eat dog world (in a great way)
you must give it a chance.
Posted 6th Dec 2016
great server, staff, and spawn.

looking for new players!
Posted 26th Aug 2016
We have great staff, community, and developer support. Coolax's goal has always been about feeding to the fundamentals of the community and giving back to the growing player-base.
Posted 26th Aug 2016
Its a well built server with good plugins but when I asked for help everyone flipped me off. I wish I was approached slightly nice :/
Posted 4th Aug 2016