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- KingdomsCity bTeam Server - Friendly -


KingdomsCity bTeam has been around for over a year now and is striving in success; we bring high quality servers with active staff who are always happy to help. What makes KingdomsCity different from every other server is that we like to think of our selves as a family. Anyone that joins are community is part of this and having this great bond between everyone makes for a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Kingdomscity is an amazing server with great players and staff..i love how everyone can get together and get along..One of the best servers out there -BabyDoll-
Posted 6th Dec 2016
The server can only be described as amazing mainly because of the people, you can trust them, you can play happily on this server. Also The staff on this server are always help you and are kind.
This is the best attack of the B-team server!!!!!!!!!
Posted 5th Dec 2016
Love this server. Its family friendly so you don't have to deal with cursing, or bad names.
Posted 29th Nov 2016
This server is one of the best I have ever played. I started playing here in 2013 and have not looked back. I love how the staff keep the chat family friendly and the rules are common sense rules that make sense. the staff are friendly and ready to help you when you need it. you can even buy things out of their shop on their website to help you progress on your game. you can buy ranks as well as earn them which is a plus in my eyes that you can earn ranks through ontime.

through using their teamspeak you can speak to the staff and owners and develop an aquaintance with them which will help you when you have an issue in your games.

Best server network I've played on in my opinion. I even brought my friends here and made friends here.
Posted 29th Nov 2016
Oh boy, this server is extremely hypocritical. My name was banned as it closely resembled a British slang word, but get this... the owners name is "Beamerrr" one letter and that name can be seen as derogatory term towards Hispanics, yet I get banned for the name "Bulloxy"? Doesn't add up. Arguing with Admins is like talking to a brick wall they won't hear your side of the story and just ban you. Great job Beanerrr opps.. I mean't Beamerr. 1/10 don't join even if it is the last server available on the planet.
Posted 13th Nov 2016
Staff dont take constructive criticism. Saying the world LMAO or cba, gets you kicked. Saying LOL in caps get you kicked too. Too strict to be fun.
Posted 2nd Oct 2016
I have been playing on this server for a while but i dont agree with alot of the rules, for instance you are not allowed to trade or give other Guest's anything, and etc But i do understand some of the others like the swearing, because there might be children playing, But just recently i was trying to help another player and i got muted and really ticked me off. but anyway i think this server could change some of its Rules and add a Plugin to auction items in chat. But if none of this happens i will not recommend joining the server. But if something Is done about this Nonesense i might just donate and support this server. I would hate to see this server shut down.
Posted 8th Sep 2016
The server is a really family friendly server where everybody is kind and friendly. The staff team is amazing, esspecially the owners beamerrrr and bolly who work really hard to keep the server so everybody enjoys it and can play on it.
Posted 21st Aug 2016
This server, it was good at first. I enjoyed it. But then i realized just how strict this server was, you were not allowed to cuss, talk about religion, nor politics, you weren't even allowed to speak another language unless it was in messaging. I made a simple joke about Cthulhu, and so much happened after that. A friend, told everyone that he was a satanist, and went on to explain to them what he worshiped, everyone on the entire server was offended by this. I got into a argument with a child calling him stupid. No one will defend you on this server if you get in minor trouble unless you are there friend.
Posted 20th Aug 2016