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HelixMC - Your No.1 Bteam Server!



The network's website!


Our AOTB Server spawn :)

Your No#1 BTeam Community | 100% Uptime - No Lag | TONS OF FUN & REWARDS | A very friendly community :)

☆ Recommended as the best Attack of The BTeam Server by many! ☆

Join HelixMC's Growing Discord to Chat , Talk & have fun :) -

A new and very friendly community with next to no lag. Very mature staff team!
This is a PvE & PvP server with no raiding and no griefing.

» What makes us the best?:

  • Many Kits to choose from! Free & Paid, every month!
  • The friendliest community you will find by a long shot :)
  • OP Voting Reward Kits , every time you vote (Over 50 kits!)
  • A thriving economy. Thanks to Jobs, Casino games being tested & Lottery!
  • No Lag! You hate it and so do we.
  • Running on the best servers, no cheapo stuff :)
  • Premium/VIP Ranks have WAY more features than other servers, and cheaper
  • We never judge you <3
  • And the list goes on.. come visit us to see for yourself!

» What we run on (The Geeky Stuff):

Based in France (Good EU and US Ping)
32GB of Dedicated RAM to 1 Server
Fast Intel i7 6700K OC Processor (4.4Ghz)
1GBPS Dedicated Uplink
Optimized AOTB Server for NO LAG & 99.99% Uptime!

» Features:

  • VERY HIGH & OP VOTING REWARDS / PACKAGES! (50 Kits, and you get to have one of them every time you Vote!)
  • PvE World, PvP Nether
  • Resource World for money making $$$
  • Moon and Mars :)
  • Lottery
  • Air Drops
  • Sleep Feature
  • Auctions!
  • Over 400+ Random Items Rewards
  • Economy
  • PREMIUM Jobs
  • Chestshops
  • Adminshop
  • Helix Marketplace
  • Survival
  • Over 70+ Rewards!
  • Referral Reward System
  • All Morphs
  • NEW! Make more $$$ with Casino! (Beta)

» This server is a,
No griefing
No Raiding, to keep you safe ,and more features being added! Come and visit us at! :)

» Website ->
» Server -> or
» HelixMC Discord Server ->

Commit to Jade..

Seriously though the server is Pretty good. A good starter one. Community is pretty good. By the way, If you happen to come across a SaikaX or Avi on the server. Make sure to tell him you committed to jade. I will not be pleased otherwise....
Posted 8th Jan 2017
This Server is Great! Active Staff, Very Kind Members, (Which was very useful as i was new to the modpack) and very OP Vote Rewards! it is also Lag Free! 10/10
Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Super great! barely any lag, lots of features, and an all around very friendly community! Everyone is willing to help each other out, the staff will always help if there is a problem, and its just a really awesome server!
Posted 8th Nov 2016
The server has an extremely friendly Community and even more friendly Staff, the Staff are always willing to help both New and Veteran Players and i can guarantee that you will have Fun on the Server. It is also the best Server that offers the best Vote Rewards. When you vote you get 1 of 50..yes 50 Kits.
Posted 11th Aug 2016
If you are looking for a server with nice players, great staff and a good set of rules, that are not too strict, this is your place! No pvp and no stealing in claims aloud so what you build is save. I hope to see you here!
Posted 8th Aug 2016
This is the best server ive played, i play on this server pretty much everyday, and ive lost my meaning of life, the community and the staff are the greatest people you'll randomly run into on the internet, ive been playing on this server non stop for months and whenever ive ran into a problem the staff are instantlly there for me, ive never had a promblem with this server, i will most likely never will.

if you're looking for a server too come and play and have fun this is the server you will want.

everyone helps each other if players are in need, and everyone is friendly.

This is the best server ive ever played no doubt
Posted 4th Aug 2016
Awesome server! If I were you, I would give it a shot and settle in this community. Very friendly, very good server and amazing staff.. 5/5 from me :)
Posted 2nd Aug 2016
Love this server. I give it a total recommend to all AOTB users. Best AOTB Server by far and a really friendly community! :D
Posted 2nd Aug 2016