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VixelCraft | B-Team Factions


Welcome to VixelCraft. Our aim is to provide the best possible B-Team experience. We do this using our custom, exclusive bug fixes, banning as little items as possible, and having a friendly community as well as mature staff members.

We aim to provide a great unique experience while remaining simple. The server is a factions server, meaning you can group up with friends (or solo) and stride to become the number 1 faction.

Everything you may need from mature, helpful staff to a shop and a lag-free, clean B-Team experience is right here at VixelCraft.

I love the prices on the shops, and the wilderness is not CROWDED with abandoned cobble pillars or houses. Plus, you have NoLagg!
Posted 18th Feb 2017
Great AttackOfTheBteam server love the server, staff are really helpful i will definatly be playing here a lot more.
Posted 14th Feb 2017
This server is wonderful! It has a small staff but it's nice, I like the special plugins and the spawn, there's probably things that can be improved but the server is certainly fun and nice.
Posted 13th Feb 2017
Very shady activities done by the admins. They play and actively PvP while hiding their admin status, even attacking players in vanish with creative weapons! An example is seen here:
Posted 11th Feb 2017