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Welcome To AspireGames

This is a serer which is part of the AspireGames HIVE This server has a freindly and possitive atmosphire our website is current not live however will appear here at

The IP is : The TS IP :

I hope To See You Online!

Server Specs: 64GB Ram 8 Core 2 Prossesor 4.8GHz Prossesers! This Is A Dedicated Server Which Means That There Will Be Minimal LAG and 24/7 Uptime!

Any More Questions Feel Free To Contact me at, Ingame Or On Our Forums/Chat On Our Site

Now A Little Bit About Plugins:

It Has Come To Our Attention That Factions Has Some Major Issues With This Mod Pack Causing Unbareable Amounts Of Lag...

So We Have Gone For The Minimal Amount Of Plugins Option, Some of The Plugins Stated Below!

.Universal NOLAGG

No Items Or Mods Have Been Banned!

So.. Enough Chit Chat I Will See You Online!

Total Score